What is ‘EIS’ and why is Cloudworkz getting involved?

EIS stands for the Enterprise Investment Scheme, a Government backed scheme devised to help small businesses in the UK.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme helps small businesses to raise funds for their business by offering financial incentives to investors who choose to get involved.

Often, businesses use these funds to reinvest into the business as a way to continue growing their operation through investment into new technology, product lines, improved services or growing their in-house team.

Investors, meanwhile, benefit from a return on their investment as the business grows, whilst also enjoying the perks afforded to them through the Enterprise Investment Scheme. These include:

  • Up to 30% income tax relief
  • Returns exempt from capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax relief
  • Loss relief
  • Tax free growth

Why is Cloudworkz getting involved?

We are currently raising funds as part of the Enterprise Investment Scheme through Crowdcube. 

Crowdcube allows investors to get involved from as little as £12 through to £100,000. It is the UK’s number one crowdfunding platform, and is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. To date, 40,000 investors have received over £70 million in returns through investing via Crowdcube. 

The funds raised by Cloudworkz will be reinvested into the business. This will allow us to grow our team of in-house experts and improve the services we offer to small businesses across the UK by expanding our range of solutions and improving our technology. 

It will also help us as we prepare to launch our services into North America.

Cloudworkz has been tipped to be the next UK tech unicorn, and will forecasted returns of 50X, the opportunity won’t be around for long. 

If you would like to get involved and become a part of the Cloudworkz journey, click below to visit us on Crowdcube!


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