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Systems Engineer

The Objective of the Position:

The system architect role is vital to the successful definition, design, delivery, and support of any Cloudworkz IT project. Whether the company is looking to create new systems, or is in the process of strengthening and growing already existing ones.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Lead strategically across the company all IT related projects.
  • Handle high level system architectures and interfaces 
  • Analyse the current IT environment to detect critical deficiencies and suggest enhancement solutions.
  • Communicate technical needs, opportunities and constraints to program managers and executive leadership.
  • Lead on system design, architecture and integration.
  • Lead project teams to use technology to support system architecture design.
  • Approve high risk designs before execution and define solutions, strategy and enterprise architecture services.
  • Design and document key system components, interfaces, infrastructure and communications.
Daily Responsibilities:

Dialer Technical specs:

  • Contact dialer service to ensure it is up and running
  • Troubleshooting lists related to Dialer and telco carriers: congestion, not incoming calls, etc.
  • Setup SQL filters and ensure they are working correctly in the Dialer
  • Technical specs for the carriers (Twilio, Primo, X): ask for DID status, write to Primo Account Manager to check if numbers are tagged as spam

Upkeep server daily functionality:

  • Set the server up
  • Make sure server is on (OBH), make sure Vicibox, Mysql, firewalls are running
  • Verify 3 servers: ftp lists, main server, duplicator
  • Verify all mysql data is fully dumped (Migrate VICIdial info to GoogleCloud)
  • Sftp Blue Pages server

Systems accounts

  • Keeper access to all tools
  • Dialer dialers, carrier access, access to master account
  • Create new users, gmail, all tools
  • All one time tasks are in teamwork
  • Google doc: ‘Usernames and passwords

Marketing related responsibilities:

  • Hubspot and marketing automation documentation
  • Sales team calendar sync
  • CW sales team sync

Call Centre related responsibilities:

  • Supervise the execution of Data plan
  • Eventually present reports to the Finance Dept. for Telesales Agents payment
  • DNC 
  • Dialer (call) quality


  • Data Scientist to migrate to Power BI

Skills, Knowledge, Experience

  • Experience with computer servers, network switches, load balancers, network analysers, and network channel or data service units
  • Knowledge of developing strategic system architecture plans
  • Solid understanding of network and system development and deployment
  • Experience in Linux, OVH, Vicibox will be preferred
  • Experience and knowledge: HubSpot, MySQL, Linux (vicibox)
  • Pivot tables (Excel)
  • VOIP
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and conceptual abilities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with information processing fundamentals and best practices
  • Ability to prioritise tasks, especially when under pressure
  • Above-average leadership and collaboration abilities


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