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Evolve to organisational efficiency in the era of cloud working

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Enter the era of working on the Cloud


What is Cloudworkz Evolve ?

Cloudworkz Evolve offers a dedicated team, resources and cutting edge tools and technologies to measure your readiness and map your roll out towards digital transformation.

How it Works

Map the way towards holistic business transformation

We assess your readiness for digital transformation.

Administer the Assessment

We measure Digital Mindset and Digital Skills to measure your level of readiness for digital transformation

Interpret the Results

Your dedicated Cloudworkz team presents real-time results in an interactive dashboard. We work collaboratively with your in-house team to interpret and explain the analytics.

Roll out the Action Plan

The team creates a summary of the findings. interpretations, and a plan of actions customized to your requirements, objectives, and pain points.

How it Works

Access products, services, resources, and softwares to implement digital transformation

Custom Development

Turnkey Software Solutions and Tools

Subscription Workforce

Off-the-shelf Digital Products

High-impact Digital Services

Remote Teams or Resources

As an Evolve partner, you’ll have access to exclusive rates for our Cloud Business Management Suite

Enterprise Resource Management

Project management software

Customer Relationship management

Digital asset management (DAM) software

Business workflow management

Database management system (DBMS)

Work with your dedicated Cloudworkz Evolve team to deliver digital transformation and optimisation
regular sessions with senior business consultants
response times over Slack with executive team
access to support and account management team

Your dedicated Cloudworkz Evolve Team

Your dedicated digital transformation team

Project Manager

Project Coordinator

Innovation Consultant

Operations Director

Assessment Expert: Tool

Assessment Expert: Analytics

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