Enter The Web Workshop

What Happens in the Web Workshop

We Design

We see patterns in everything from language to layout and especially design. UI is a balancing act, on the one hand we want to create common UI elements based on patterns that people will instinctively recognise; on the other-hand we want to create designs that users will remember. We aim for somewhere in the middle.

We Code
Web Pages

If your content is easy to read it is easy to remember, that’s why we are obsessed with typography and its impact on readability. Also, colour, contrast, texture, shading, shapes, position; we combine all these elements in our page layouts with the sole purpose of directing the viewer’s attention to the most important information.

We Build

A well-made responsive site drives search engine results which in turn raises brand awareness. More brand awareness means more leads and more leads mean more sales. Our mix of playful design and rigorous development take blank pages and turn them into living, breathing, self-sustaining ecosystems.


Changing how users interact with your brand has a profound impact on how a user views it. The relationships between technology, content, objectives and user information-seeking behaviour inform and
guide Cloudworkz’ design choices. Above all, an intuitive, engaging user experience inspires trust and
amplifies reach.


Good design doesn’t just happen; it is forged through researching innovative solutions that bring significant results. Cloudworkz turns traffic into conversions by balancing creative details with the user’s journey. When a potential customer lands on your site, they know they’ve found what they’re looking for, turning casual browsers into new clients and long-term customers.


Cloudworkz designs clear, captivating, well-thoughtout user interfaces for mobile apps, using research, mood boards and wireframes to match your brand with the design.


Having a site that is visually stunning on small and big screens gives an enormous advantage, but excellent front-end coding and solid page structures are also vital for websites looking to boost SEO. Search engines prefer pages with responsive layouts and speedy load times, and visitors prefer pages that look great and work perfectly; a faster page will keep visitors on your website, and more visitors means more benefit to you.


Responsiveness isn’t just about ensuring your website loads well on the latest smartphone, tablet or vintage coalpowered desktop, and it isn’t just about increasing SEO power by speeding up load times. It’s about building solid foundations using leading-edge tools. Cloudworkz fully understands web development and WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify and feels equally at home building custom sites


Cloudworkz creates one-of-a-kind templates for one-of-a-kind customers: independent thinkers who want to take advantage of a powerful, user-friendly and extremely popular content management system but don’t want a boring, pre-set theme like everyone else’s. The platform is for unique brands wanting to create
blogs, pages and interactive elements without compromising individuality.


WooCommerce and Shopify: If you want to use WooCommerce or Shopify to build your online store, Cloudworkz has extensive experience with these platforms.


If you want to use WooCommerce or Shopify to build your online store, we have a lot of experience with these platforms. Contact us to discuss your project and to see examples from our portfolio


Even websites need a little pampering from time to time. Caring for your website is essential, not just for housekeeping, security or accessibility. Search engines are attracted to well-kept, well-groomed, beautiful websites, and if a search engine likes your website, your customers will love your business.

Let’s build something awesome together!