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Silver Package

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Our Silver package provides you with all the tools and resources you need to level up your online presence and ensure your potential customers take notice. 

Our fully managed listings service will ensure your business listings remain consistent and up to date across the web, boosting your SEO score and ensuring you rank well in the local search ecosystem. You will have access to our Cloudworkz dashboard where you can measure and monitor our progress and view results in real time. 

Alongside our fully managed Listings service, you will receive all the tools you need to manage your online presence including both our Reviews and Social Media Toolkits, Review Notifications and 8 social media posts per month provided by our team of expert in-house content writers.

What’s included?

Fully managed Listings service

Access to Cloudworkz dashboard and analytics

Review notifications

Reviews Toolkit

Social media Toolkit

8x social media posts per month

Monthly review meeting

  • Ensure information about your business is up to date and consistent across the web
  • Perform better in local search results
  • Build an engaged social media following
  • Easy access to business analytics
  • Access to the Cloudworkz dashboard
  • Regular performance reviews provide total transparency and allow us to adapt strategies so that you continue to see results

This product is provided on a monthly subscription basis, with continued delivery throughout the duration of the subscription.

  • During your initial onboarding, the Cloudworkz team will walk you through the platform and activate your subscription.
  • You will then take part in a short onboarding session with the Social Media team who will ask you a series of questions to gain a full understanding of your goals for the social media, along with the type of content you wish to be posted and where you wish to position your brand online.
  • Content will be provided to you for approval before being scheduled for publication by the Social Media team.

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