Review Response

Appreciate and engage customers who have had a good experiences, while turning negative reviews into powerful opporunities for positive interactions.

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We help you stay on top of your online reviews with managed Review Responses.

The web is full of people talking about your business. But not every business owner has the time to keep track of their reputation online — let alone respond to every review they get. Our marketing strategists will respond to all negative and positive reviews on your behalf. This includes weekly monitoring of each time you are mentioned online.

Requires active Reputation Management and Task Manager, sold separately. Pricing subject to change for high volume clients on a case by case basis. English only.

Influence page rank up to 10%
Increase website visits up to 25%
Showcase success with positive reviews
Gain the trust of potential clients with real feedback



We will provide 24 hours to make any edits or suggestions to the response. If we do not hear from you within this time frame, we will post the response on your behalf.

Review responses are never canned, and always tailored to the review content.

No, we only respond to reviews in English.

Unfortunately, we cannot simply remove a review from the internet. Every reviewer is entitled to their voice. What we can do is flag a review that violates that site’s terms and conditions. If that particular listing site agrees with our request, they will remove the review. We would still advise responding to the review in the meantime. This way other potential customers (who may not know the reviewer is misinformed) will not assume the review is accurate.

We respond to your reviews, but we do not monitor those conversations any further after responding.

There is virtually no limit to how many reviews we will respond to. If the number of reviews pulled in is excessive and requiring extra resources, we will have a conversation. Certain review sites have daily response caps to which we must adhere, but all your incoming reviews will get posted.

To ensure we can respond to reviews on this source, our team will manually claim/ verify the listing source. To complete this process there may be additional steps required by you and we will advise you when your assistance is required.

Consider having us run a review generation campaign. We can solicit reviews from customers by simply uploading a list of customer names and emails. We can ask for feedback and direct them to leave this feedback on popular sites like Facebook, Google and Yelp. We ran a campaign for one of our clients with approximately 100 email contacts. As a result, it generated 2-3 positive reviews in less than two hours and increased their average star rating from a 2.1 to 3.1.

Review Management only covers reviews posted after an account’s initial start date.

By responding to online reviews you are thanking and acknowledging your customers for their feedback, just as you would if they were to compliment your business in person. A response to a negative review is for the benefit of anyone seeing that review, not just the reviewer. It shows your business is aware of any issues your customers may be experiencing and that you are actively working to resolve these issues.