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Marketing. Sales. Service.


Looking to build an effective digital customer service team?

Look no further!

Our Loud Cloud offers end-to-end multichannel customer service worldwide for multiple industries.

Not only will our specialists meet the needs and wishes of your customers in a timely manner, but they will also help you establish and maintain a positive, empathetic and professional attitude at all times by responding promptly to customer requests and resolving customer complaints.


Telemarketing is all about marketing your goods and services by means of telephone calls without meeting customers face-to-face, therefore, an excellent telephone demeanour is imperative.

By delegating your telemarketing activities to Loud Cloud, your team is getting more time for closing the deals leaving sourcing the deals to us.

The beauty of our approach is that you pay a fixed rate without additional cost of recruiting, training and managing which results in cost-savings and a higher ROI.


Telesales is one of the most efficient ways to grow a customer base and increase revenue.

There is so much more to it than just sales. Telesales help businesses gather customer information, feedback and customer sentiment on the products and services.

Our professional Loud Cloud telesales team is proven to help enterprises of all sizes and within different sectors increase revenue and conversion rates.

From finance to utilities to home improvements, we’ve got you covered!

An End-to-End Solution

Script Builder

Our proprietary stepping stone script builder ensures your tele-team always says the right thing at the right time.

Global Recruitment

An established recruitment network allows us to grow your dedicated tele-team at scale, whether you need 3 or 300 representatives.

Automated Training and Onboading

Onboarding processes are automated and begin with an online application. All applicants submit a recording for pre-screening. With online training modules help fast-track success.

Data and Dial Management

Advanced data analytics and a proven campaign management team ensure efficiency across the telesales and marketing funnels.

QC and Compliance

A ring-fenced Quality Assurance team monitor and score calls for compliance, helping us to improve the performance of sales and marketing, with the recordings provided to our clients in real time.

CRM Integration

Whichever CRM you choose, we will ensure the seamless integration that will enable your team to see the new leads coming in a real time.

Sales and Marketing Automations

Automate your marketing and sales funnels with additional tools to create a bespoke tech stack for optimal campaign performance.

Reporting and Analytics

Get access to live results and campaign statistics providing maximum transparency. A unique set of reports containing specific management information required to further optimise the campaigns can be created.

The Cloudworkz! Do you?


Our dedicated sales team representatives are trained in

Sales Methodology

Psychology of Sales

Objection Handling

Pre-call Planning


Comprehensive training on product specifics and key messaging

The Origin and story of the project

Functionality, Including features and benefits

The target market

The unique product value for customers

The business cases

Competitive landscape


Our systems and protocols are standard and include

Sales funnel

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data entry

Use of the technology stack

A proof of concept execution

Onboarding new sales
representatives and customers

Knowledge Base for sales enablement

Looking for a hands-off and hassle-free solution?