Gain 24/7 IT support to transform your business, enabling working from home or office more efficient and comfortable and significantly more cost-effective

The Cloudworkz! Do you?

What IT Workz

Unlimited telephone support
Unlimited remote support
24-hour system monitoring
Server management & maintenance
Ongoing computer maintenance
Support for printers & networking equipment
Backup management
Virus removal
Warranty management
Annual system audit
Annual security assessment

Any help and support you need with your IT systems and equipment is covered. We’re there for the day-to-day care whenever you need us, but we’ll also check on your medium to long-term IT health without you even asking us to. We will monitor your system remotely, 24 hours a day and once a year we will diarise an IT health check to ensure that your system is still operating to maximum efficiency.

Cloudworkz IT support

is like having a resident IT health technician, covering three target areas:

Daily help at hand

Unlimited telephone and remote support; backup management, virus removal and computer maintenance.

Ongoing help

24-hour system monitoring; server management and maintenance; support for printers and networking equipment.

Your long-term IT health

Annual system audit; annual security assessment and warranty management.

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Unlimited Telephone

Unlimited Email

Unlimited Remote

24hour System


Support for


Server Management
And Maintenance

Backup Management And Monitoring 



Business Continuity And
Disaster Recovery Policy

Questions About the Cloud?

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